Parent Educator 

MA Clinical Psychology 


Jessica Fountas earned her master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2002. She is the mother of three teenagers and is passionate about helping people become the parents they hope to be. 

Jessica sees people and the world through a relational lens, believing that within our relationships we fully discover ourselves. Our connections and conversations create space for continued growth and self-awareness. Families are the stepping stones to all relationships in our lives, yet so few skills are taught with regards to how we can be fully present with each other within our families. 

Jessica embraces bringing the imagined into the possible and through her parenting work she assists people to cultivate a sense of curiosity about themselves and each other. Her joy in and dedication to helping people live full and awakened lives motivates her to inspire parents to deepen their relationships, not only with others, but with themselves and it is through this work that families thrive. 


Jessica is like the mommy whisperer. She is so intuitive and has brought such wisdom to my parenting journey.