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Psychotherapy: Services


Deciding to start therapy can bring up many feelings. The idea of beginning a relationship with a stranger can be both exciting and intimidating in any scenario, but a therapeutic relationship brings in new dynamics and layers of vulnerability. It's important to me that you know, while I am someone new in your life, you are not a stranger to yourself. In teaching me all of the aspects and intersections of your life, together we can tease out whether these stories and ideas resonate with how you want to relate to yourself and who you want to be in the world. 

My curious and collaborative presence allows people to experience themselves in new and exciting ways. Therapy is often constructed with problem saturated narratives and pathologizing frameworks that leave people feeling like they are the problem. My experience is that these painful ways of identifying with ourselves and others are normal responses to outside influences of our lives. Our work together can help you let these old belief systems and identities go. 

I am skilled at helping you understand the external elements of your life which allow you to step outside of well worn patterns and help create meaning and agency in your life. I love the work that I do and I get excited to meet new people to see if I can be helpful in their growth and transition towards a more fulfilling sense of self and a more rewarding life. 


In my years of practice, I have come to appreciate that couple can mean many different things. A couple may be a romantic partnership, a friendship, a parent-child relationship, a work partnership, and more.

How do we stay connected to both ourselves and another person when we are in conflict, disconnected, confused, and uncertain? Learning to stay curious and open to another person's experiences while sharing mutual empathy and connection are skills not often modeled or actualized throughout our lives.

My work with couples helps people gain perspective, clarity, connection, and communication skills from a relational lens rather than an individualistic mindset. In our shared safe space we build  curiosity and accountability and create new ways of relating. I find this work to be expansive and deeply transformative. 


The word family can spark many different feelings and visions for people. My first questions when working with a family are: "Who are you as a family?"; "What do you want your family to look and feel like?"; "Are these goals that all family members share?"; "What is and isn't working?"; "How can we make the imagined possible?"

Being part of a family asks that there is space for each member to grow as an individual within the family system. We often forget that family members must mutually tend to the family relationship. Our work together helps illuminate the idea of connection, team work, respect, growth, accountability, and many other values unique to each family.  

My studies in family systems make me a skilled outsider who can help you create the family you hope to be through thoughtful connection and care. 


Therapists need support too! Whether reaching for support with your clinical case load, studies and research, personal life, or some version of the above, having support helps us have more availability for ourselves and our clients.

My experience as an adjunct professor and faculty supervisor with master's degree students in couple and family therapy (CFT) gives me a unique skillset as a therapist for therapists.

Studies in systemic theories, relational responsibility, collaborative language systems, social constructionism, narrative therapy, feminist theory, and socio-emotional relationship therapy inform my clinical lens. I am PhD (c) in CFT, an AAMFT Clinical Fellow, and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor (c).

My research focuses on therapeutic presence, societal oppression and marginalization, and self-of-the therapist work with students and supervisees and how these intersections inform our relational presence with our clients. 


Individual Sessions: $325 @ 45 minutes

Couple | Relational Sessions: $350 @ 45 minutes 

Family Sessions: $375 @ 60 minutes

Therapy for Therapists Sessions: $325 @ 45 minutes

I am an out of network provider. I supply monthly paperwork for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance to inquire about out of network coverage. 

I do not offer a sliding scale for new clients. I feel it is important to hold reduced-fee slots for current clients who are experiencing life transitions during our work together. I do not want clients having a positive therapy experience with me to discontinue our work together if life circumstances change their financial reality for them.

Payment is due at time of service. 

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