• Jessica Fountas

And so we begin.

Updated: May 13, 2021

After a year of sheltering in place, social distancing and a chronic undercurrent of fear, we find ourselves here. Reemerging. Stepping out into the world, blinking our eyes in the bright spring sunlight, trying to weave a new connection with each other.

What I heard universally throughout the pandemic was that we longed for connection. In our slowing down and stillness, we ached for our fellow humans. For personal touch. For closeness. Yet, as we make our way to the surface, we realize we are not quite on solid ground. We are unsure of what being together looks like in this new world we are co-creating. This past year we discovered ourselves tapping into our resiliency and our resourcefulness. I began FaceTiming my parents, sharing morning coffee and oatmeal, cooking together in separate kitchens across screens, laughing and crying together as our phones died and internet services glitched. I read story books over Zoom to my three-year-old nephew with my three teens quietly listening nearby, soaking in the sound of my voice and memories of favorite books long ago tucked into our attic. Had life continued as it was before, none of these things would have happened.

To me, our stepping out into the world right now mirrors stepping into mothering and parenting. There is uncertainty, isolation, anxiety, exhaustion. Anticipatory joy and fear mingling at all times. We have never done this before and because of this, we question our capacity to know anything. My groups offer connection. We share stories and listen to one another and in doing so we begin to see that while the nuances of our stories may differ, there is more commonality than division. We add lightness to our life by being together and in so doing, life itself feels easier and lighter. It is through this interconnection that our fears lessen, our hearts awaken and we connect to our own inner wisdom. We begin to parent from a place of deep knowing, trusting our intuition and embracing our empowered self.

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