Mothering From The Inside Out

Mothering is a deeply personal experience. Stepping into mothering is exciting and magical yet it can also bring up feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and loneliness. Where do we turn for answers? There isn't one perfect parenting book (Trust me I've looked for one!) because no two mothers are the same and no two babies are the same.

My groups allow women to celebrate their uniqueness as mothers. Rather than searching for external answers and solutions for how to navigate mothering challenges, I invite you to look within. When we share our honest stories and raw experiences, our collective vulnerability helps us discover that we have profound similarities. Our storytelling affords insight and clarity into who we are and allows us to embrace that we have the capacity to find answers from a place of honest curiosity instead of judgement. 

When we learn to quiet the external pressures and societal definitions of mothering, we can then choose how we want to create our personal mothering template from a place of empowerment instead of fear. My hope is to help you discover that you know your baby better than anyone else. You also know yourself better than anyone else. 

By listening and sharing our stories we gain clarity into who we are and in turn find ourselves feeling more confident in how we parent. My groups facilitate a deeper connection with yourself, your child and other mothers.