Parenting With Presence

Parenting is the biggest commitment we will make in our lifetime. It asks more of us than we imagined and stretches us more deeply than we thought possible. However, how do we learn to become a parent?

More often than not, I hear parents touch upon their own unique childhoods and in so doing, focus on the parents they don't want to be. Rarely do we take the time to clearly explore and define the parents we do want to be. Rather than parenting from a reactive place, I invite you to explore what it means to parent from a mindful, reflective and connected place.

My groups and one-on-one support for parents help couples define what values are important to them and how they can parent from a place of support and connection. To be fully present with our children, our partners and ourselves we have to have a sense of awareness and curiosity. This is what it means to parent with presence.